Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Weekending with Family

It was a really good weekend.
But also a stressful weekend.
For me.
Stephen, my oldest child
got his license Friday. 
Now, obviously I'm not the only mother
who has experienced this stress.
But, when it's your child.
Your child who takes the keys
(to YOUR car)
and walks out the door
and out of the driveway 
and down the street
for the first time..
...just let me say
I cried
and almost ran after him
screaming like a mad woman.
I'm so not ready for this.

The rest of the weekend was fun!
I had my whole family
except for my brother David and his
daughter Cameron...who we missed ...
here for dinner.

My mom buys each of the grandkids Black Dog tee shirts
and we try hard to get them all together for a photo.
Two of the kids didn't want to pose
but Ziggy sure got in sporting his Black Dog bandana.

Really not a great photo
but I didn't spend much time snapping pictures.

One of my favorite things about Christmas..
being together with family
and making memories for our children.


  1. I love all the kids in the matching shirts! Oh goodness, I will be STRESSED when Boyd starts driving too. I feel for you! :) Love your pictures. I agree with you, family and memories are the best part of the holidays!

  2. Oh, I love big family meals. . .especially at my house!! Nothing better!

    Drew called the other night to ask if he could stay out until midnight at a cast party for the school play and my heart broke a little. I can't even imagine the driving thing! I will be right there with you running down the street!! I so want to freeze time. . .its going way too fast!

  3. What a beautiful table you set! I love all of the candles and all of the glittering crystal!

    Enjoy your week, tara

  4. What a lovely weekend.
    I'm already anxious about the whole driving thing and Graham is not quite 15! Yikes!
    I'm sure it will get easier and easier. Just put yourself back in his shoes, and remember how independent and proud you felt of yourself when you first started driving. And, think of all things he can now go do for himself and errands for you!

  5. oh yeah. No way. I'll be crying too when they get their licenses. I don't know how I'll ever teach them to drive in the first place though. I'm so scared to let them do ANYTHING by themselves there's no way I can let them drive with me in the car.

  6. LOL! My oldest is six and I think of when she drives. It goes against the normal protective laws of motherhood by sending them out in fast pieces of metal!

  7. Kids with cars...forget it...I am soooo not ready for that. Would have cried like a baby too:)
    Beautiful table pam, and ziggy is getting big!!
    have a happy day pam

  8. i swear to you right now, my oldest will never be allowed to drive no matter what her age - the very thought really eats me up - forget it!!

    sorry for the lack of communication, i so owe you an email, but i've had my head in the sand all week, trying to make that final push toward xmas wrap-up so i can turn my attention from the stress of purchasing to the fun stuff like wrapping, baking, and just being HOME!! promise to be back in touch soon :)