Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas on the Porch

This weekend I want the kids to 
go in the woods and cut me down 
a little tree for my porch.
Until then..
my basket of greens 
are at the ready.
I'm constantly snipping them
and putting them all over the house.
Even the decoys get bows
and a little greenery.

I strung little white lights
around my porch.
And they'll be staying up year round.
I love how it looks out there now!
Notice the NO SNOW on the ground.
It was 60 today.

Let it snow
Let it snow
Let it snow!!!!


  1. I think this must be a first for December--your high was higher than ours. I don't think we topped 55 yesterday. Or today.
    You need snow!

  2. Pam I agree! No snow at our house either. It has been 60 and sunny! In December! I just hate it when the sun shines in and I see dust everywhere. Ugh! At least it gets dark at 4 and we can turn on the Christmas lights and get cozy. Then it feels like Christmas!

  3. I want you to come spend the day with me and decorate my house. That is your calling my friend. Can you believe no snow. I ran outside in a tshirt and skirt. This is crazy. Miss you! xoxoxoxo!

  4. I need some of your Christmas decorating energy!

  5. Hi Pam, yeah, yuck! 55 here in CT today! Just feels WRONG! I love your porch! It's darling! I think we're the same in that we could just keep decorating until the day of Christmas! Enjoy your Christmas house!

    ps~ I made my wrapping area today (with a bit of 'help' from my four year old) I'm so excited about it, it looks to cute and ready for gifts! Thanks for the idea!
    Have a great night, tara

  6. It all looks so pretty, Pam! I love the peeks into the corners of your world. We had a dusting of snow here the past two mornings. I think we may be in for a cold one...

  7. so so SO pretty, pam - i'm envious of your attention to detail, all those extra touches are beautiful!

  8. We were at 68 yesterday I think! But that's not all that unusual for us in NC. I sure would love to have snow for Christmas!! Fat chance for us! Your porch is beautiful!

  9. Your porch is so pretty, love all the special touches. I keep white light up year round too, I think it's such a pretty look. I'm hoping for snow too, Christmas is so much more lovely when everything is covered in white, although I'm not holding my breath down here. :)

  10. It looks so pretty! I love having greens and twinkle lights all around. I have yet to bring my garden shears out for a ride to get my greens though. You're motivating me to get on it though. :)

  11. i love the greens in the galvanized bucket and those twinkly lights! I think I need some over my kitchen sliders!!:)
    have a happy night pam