Tuesday, December 20, 2011

We've Been...

...sending and receiving Christmas cards
....celebrating 18 years of marriage (on the 18th) xo
....enjoying family time
....saying goodbye to another season of the Nutcracker

....wrapping and more wrapping
....still shopping
....talking about some big family decisions

...thankful for the teeny tiny bit of snow that fell Sunday morning
.....going on a date with Will to see Hugo in 3D!!!
....thinking of the New Year and what it will bring

....keeping in mind what's really important.


  1. Your cards are gorgeous. Love them!

    Happy Anniversary. :))

  2. Cheers to a successful Nutcracker! Now you can relax. Whooohooo! Love your cards! I need to get on my wrapping. Yikes. I'm so far behind in that department.

  3. Have a beautiful Christmas with your family Pam-loved your card.

  4. Oh, my gosh! What a gorgeous Christmas card. Merry Christmas, Pam!

  5. Your card is awesome!! Mine is still at the printers...maybe off tomorrow? Oh well...trying to savor every minute with my not so little munchkins...

  6. Happy Anniversary Pam! Enjoy this last Christmasy week, tara

  7. Happy Anniversary Pam.
    Hope you get more snow!

  8. first and foremost - WOW is that ever a gorgeous card, I L.O.V.E. it - both photo and card design are fabulous choices - perfection for sure!!! but how on earth did you get a dusting of snow on sunday and not me?! very strange!

  9. Happy Anniversary and Merry Christmas!!

  10. Hello darling friend!!
    I haven't been able to pop in for a while but I took a minute today...after spending the morning unChristmasmessing. My dishwasher may wave a white flag soon. :) And thank goodness the garbage man comes tomorrow!....
    Your Holiday musings and all those FABULOUS photos you always post make me smile smile smile!!! You do such a wonderful job at your job of being a wonderful mom. :) The gumdrop ornaments are SO delightful! Nutcrackers, drivers licenses(!), jewel trees, doggy sweaters, snowflakes, festive clothespins, markered faces....I adore every bit of your life's sharings. Thank you SO! Love you my dear!!!!! MA