Monday, December 5, 2011

Corners of My Home at Christmas

I think I could decorate every corner of my home
if I had the time.
I like to walk through each of the 
rooms in my home and see 
a bit of Christmas.

I cleared a shelf in the study room
and declared this room to be a 
crafting/wrapping room for the month of December.
I love having all my wrapping supplies
not just ready to go
but looking pretty in glass jars.

I had to include this one
with Griffy and Ziggy
in the kitchen coloring.

Wrapping paper
ready to go to work.
Now I just need 
presents to wrap.
when am I going to start shopping?

And as I was posting this blog
thinking Griffy is coloring nicely
on his paper

he was coloring his face.

Happy Christmasing!


  1. I love that ribbon dowel on your shelf smart!

  2. Oh, that last photo is priceless! Glad to know that other children write on things besides paper!!!

  3. Love the red and white on the table behind Griffy. That boy has the most gorgeous hair. Think I'm having hair envy for Miss Evie. Why do the boys get it, not the girls who need it?

  4. Hi Pam,

    I'm so sososososososo excited after reading your post! This is just about the BEST idea I've ever seen. You've taken the yuck out of that chore of wrapping presents. The yuck for me has always been the awful (never cleaned out) messy closet that all of my wrapping is in. Today, no more. Today I'm running out to get a cute little pail for my paper and a way to display my ribbons. How cute, how festive, how perfect. That'll make wrapping so much fun! Do you have a little jar of Christmas chocolates near too? :)
    Seriously, BEST IDEA EVER!
    Have a great Monday and thanks for sharing, tara
    ~Merry Christmas~

  5. Ha Ha! So funny about Griffy. I have always noticed that when it's to quiet in the house, something sneaky is going on.

    I love those glass jars and I see them all the time at The Container Store. I should just buy some because you can really do so much with them besides store flour and sugar in them.

    I am glad I am not the only one who hasn't done much Christmas shopping. My daughter has been in various jazz band and dance recitals as well, so like you, I have been busy watching and shuffling her around. I am realizing that life gets busier as they get older. I thought it was going to be the other way around!

    Anyway, love all the holiday decorations.

    Jackie :)

  6. I was reading your post on my iPad scrolling down and looking at all your cute deco and saw the picture of your son and started thinking how nice it is that he is so good-just sitting there coloring by himself. My daughter would have colored the table, dog, whatever was in her reach. Then I scrolled down. :)

  7. Love the pictures, and all of your Christmas decor. Your home is so fun! Oh Griffy. That is Boyd, for sure. They are always up to something when there is silence. :)

  8. Oh, gosh! Ziggy has grown! And how cute is Griffy? Adorable!

    Oh, and I wish I had a corner to make a wrapping station..... so, I'm jealous!

  9. i have the same curtain rod setup for my ribbons, too ... but the fact that you store the papers in that adorable bucket and use the glass jars for the little stuff? well, that's just pure genius, friend ;-)

  10. Oh man, Eliza is into coloring herself every time I turn my back! That or finding my lipstick (though by now she's a pro and doesn't crush it)

    I love all your Christmasy-ness!

    And though I love the Nutcracker with all my heart ... hearing of your performance retinue makes me just a little glad not to be the stage mom I was a little over a year ago. But, your girl looked gorgeous in her soldier costume and made me miss the stage for myself :)

  11. That Griffy is your Christmas Elf!!!

  12. Hahaa, that Griffy is too cute! Love the details, love your wrapping station!
    Have I mentioned how much I like your header?! So cute!!