Tuesday, May 6, 2014

London, Romania and Miami

 within hours of us
landing back home here in Paris..
(our flight out of Dubai was delayed 
6 hours)..
Steve and Stephen flew to Miami..
then Hannah was off to Romania..
and the boys and I were on a train
to London.

I admit that I love this
life we live.
I am always thinking about/
planning our next trip.
I will also admit that
out of the 6 of us..
I am the least robust traveler.
I cry on the plane..
I hate to fly.
No one wants to sit next to me.
I can't even close my eyes,
let alone sleep on a plane.
Or in a car.
Or on my couch for that matter.
I need to be lying in my bed to sleep.
I suffer for days from jet lag
and motion sickness.

I love to travel 
just not the actual
traveling part of travel.
I am grateful however, that my husband
and my 4 children are all hardy

On the train!
We took the Eurostar
from Gard Nord in Paris
under the English Channel 
to London's Saint Pancras station.
When we were in Dubai we met 
a Scotsman who helped build the

We stayed at London's 
Marriott County Hall.
It was a fantastic hotel 
and great location..
the view out our window!

We did not do the London Eye.
Instead, we rode the 
hop on/hop off bus
and ferry..
saw the Lion King..
visited the Aquarium,
ate at some great pubs,
and browsed a few bookstores.

Someone did  not want
to dress up for Lion King.

Pre-show dinner..
trying Yorkshire pudding 
for the first time.
He loved it!

Lyceum Theatre
was beautiful!
And the show..

was fantastic!

Lunch in spider man undies..
I love room service.

It was such a treat to 
travel to London with
my two little guys!

Hannah's trip to Romania
was such a great experience for her.
Their group would spend
hours holding the babies at the hospital.
I think it was hard for her to leave
at the end of the week.
They also visited a school
where they would teach english and
do crafts with the kids.

She can't wait to go back.
We are so proud of you Hannah!

on the other side of the world..
Stephen made his decision!
He will attend the 
University of Miami 
this fall!
We are so  proud of you
I can't even begin to think
about how much he will be missed.

It was so nice to have us all back
under one roof.
This week is a short one.
We have a 4 day weekend coming up
and we're driving to 
Germany on Thursday
for the weekend!
We are staying in Rothenburg and 
will visit Bad Windsheim..
the town we lived in for 3 years
when Stephen was a baby
and where Hannah was born.



  1. Don't blink....you might miss Pam and family!
    What a whirlwind, but so many memories are being made!

  2. Love all of your adventures!! I am now begging my husband to move us overseas:) Can you tell me more about your daughter's trip to Romania? Was it a school function?