Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I'le St-Louis and More!

So very busy lately.
Lots of traveling
for work
school sports
and of course
for fun!
I'm not complaining.
I love the busy-ness.
But, I'm happy that school
is winding down and we're 
looking forward to a
whirlwind summer!

The skies here in Paris
lately have been incredible.
Vibrant sunrises
and colorful sunsets.
And many rainbows during
the day after a shower.

This past weekend seems like a blur
And it's only Tuesday.
This is precisely the reason 
I keep this blog.

Sunday was gorgeous!
Stephen and Hannah 
were home studying
so Steve and I took the little
boys to 
I'le St-Louis..
the island located in the middle
of the Seine. 

Before I go on..
Someone gave me these cards 
(pictured above
and below)
when we first moved here.
The City Walks with kids
is awesome! 
So many great ideas for getting
out in the city 
with kids.
I've done many of them.
I also own this one..

Both have been informative
and helpful on days 
when we're wondering what to do.
If you're traveling to Paris with kids..
I highly recommend the first one!

So..back to Sunday.
I pulled out a card..
and off we went to visit
I'le St-Lous.

We started at  Notre Dame..
(the cards have a starting and ending
point and a map to guide you along
your route with fun things 
to do and look for!)

The picture above is taken
behind Notre Dame.

We walked across the quaint
Pont Saint Louis
where there are always
street performers out
doing all kinds of fun things.

We walked up and down the 
charming Rue St-Louis -en-L'Ile.
Lots of great shops..
for kids too!
But the main attraction is
Berthillon ice cream.
The best ice cream in Paris!

It was a great way to spend the afternoon!

Sunday morning
(I'm going backwards here)
I headed out to my local 
open air market.
I'm lucky it's open on Sundays..
because there isn't much open!

Peonies are here!

Like candy!

One of my favorite things 
about living here are 
the open air markets.

On Friday..
both Stephen and Hannah
went to London overnight 
with their teams.
Hannah just joined the softball team..
they were in need of players 
and she was asked to play.
She's never played softball 
in her life!

They both had a game Friday
and two games Saturday.
Hannah played catcher for 
all 3 games!
Steve was conveniently on business
in London and was 
able to see both kids play!

So proud of you Hannah!

While they were all
in London..
Will and Griff and I 
headed out to the kids'
school for International day
with some friends.
So much fun!

Thursday night
I went with a friend to 
the American Church in Paris
to hear Jane Goodall
At 80 years old..
(we sang Happy Birthday to her!)..
she is such an inspiration.
What an amazing evening!

This coming weekend
will be just as busy.

Hannah's softball tournament 
is held in London again.
She leaves by train with her team
Wednesday and returns Saturday.

Stephen's baseball tournament is held
in The Hague this year.
And..with this being his last
time playing school baseball..
Steve and I and the two younger boys
are leaving Wednesday to attend his games.
It will be fun to visit Holland..
but also bittersweet.
Baseball  has been a big part
of Stephen's life.
Steve used to coach his team in 
elementary school..in 
PA and NH.
He played in Duxbury and 
has played here in Paris.

Looking forward to another 
great weekend!


  1. Yay Hannah! Softball is such a great sport for girls. Hope Stephen's tournament is great for him. Meeting Jane Goodall? What an experience. And those peonies!!!

  2. If you get a chance in The. Hague...check out Maduradam.