Monday, April 28, 2014

Dubai Part 2

On Tuesday during our trip
we went to the top of the
tallest building in the world!
The Burg Khalifa is 2,722 ft tall
and has 163 floors.
What an amazing view
of the city..
and beyond!

We could see out to the man made
World Islands

After visiting the Burg Khalifa,
we walked around the Dubai Mall..
the worlds largest shopping mall!
We had lunch and got lost
and went to the aquarium.
Griffin loved the "whale sharks"
(sting rays).

We sat at a coffee shop just outside
the indoor ice rink.
We all would have skated 
but we were not dressed properly!
It was fun to watch though.

Later that night we had 
dinner at P.F.Changs 
and watched the fabulous
fountain show.

On Wednesday we went 
out to the desert on a safari.
When we all sat around at breakfast
on our last morning in Dubai
and asked what was our favorite part of 
the trip..
we all agreed this was.

A LandRover picked us up
at our hotel in the afternoon..
we drove about an hour out to the desert
where we went "dune bashing"

I admit I was a little green by
the end of it..
but all the kids, 
including Griffin loved it!
He didn't want it to end!

There was camel riding

And dancing 
and BBQ for dinner..

The desert safari was our
favorite experience in Dubai!!

Thursday was beach day.
It was HOT!
And the water was loaded 
with jelly fish
but they didn't seem to
bother us.

On Friday we had planned
to Ski Dubai
inside the mall..
we even brought our own
But we decided to
go back to Atlantis
for another great day
at the water park!

Griffy loved it here.
We spent hours
riding in the tubes 
down the rapids.
A great way to spend 
a hot day in Dubai.

Our day pass
included access to 
the beach.

Saturday we flew home...

Here are a few pictures taken from
our hotel balcony.

We were obsessed with watching
these workers building this hotel
next to ours.

We watched them build 
an entire floor while we were there.
These guys work so hard
out there in the heat.

Dubai is still under so much 
I hope we can visit 
again someday.

It was an amazing 
How blessed we are
to have these experiences
and to travel to such places 
in the world!


  1. Pam - not what I expected from Dubai!! Glad you had such a fun trip! The best part of this post is seeing you all so relaxed and happy!! Everyone looks fantastic!! xo Duxrox :)

  2. I love your photos and descriptions of your experiences! Your family is lovely!!

  3. no WAY!
    now, i want to visit dubai.
    you will need a vacation after all of this.

  4. What amazing photos - (I love the show of home pride w/the Duxbury Athletics shirt in the desert!) Thanks for sharing this - so neat to see other parts of the world ~

  5. Amazing! Thanks for the glimpse of Dubai! It looks fabulous!

  6. Wow! Your photos are incredible. I've never traveling to Dubai however it is on our bucket list. Those camels look like so much fun! The view from the top of the worlds tallest building gives me goose-bumps;) You were SO high up! .. and what a view!


  7. I really want to see do my boys!

  8. Truly gorgeous and stuning views from the top of the The Burg Khalifa, aren't they! I was impressed the first time I went up there myself... but you managed to take much better snaps than I did ;) Lovely photos and looks like you all havd a fab time.

  9. Nice post and amazing pictures.
    Dubai is truly an awesome place for a holiday destination with several things to do and places to visit.