Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bon Voyage!

life has been busy!
weekends are spent
running two boys all 
over the country for baseball..
 working through piles of paperwork,
making college decisions
and trying to keep track of a traveling husband.
i wish i brought my GIANT ikea map
with us to france.
instead of a monthly calendar to 
keep track of us..
i need a world map!

the  kids are off for spring
break the next two weeks!
and spring is here in paris!
although we won't be here much..
saturday we are flying to 
we'll be there for a week..
hoping to get in some camel rides,
beach/pool time
and visiting the worlds tallest building!

the day after we fly home,
steve and stephen fly to miami.
stephen was accepted to 
the university of miami
and received a pretty great scholarship
they are going to visit the school 
and then fly to boston to 
visit northeastern university..
another school stephen was accepted to.

(metro stop)

while they are back in the states,
hannah will be traveling to romania
with her volunteer group at school.
they've worked hard all year,
raising money for the trip.
it should be an amazing experience for her.

(taken from the train on my
way home)

and that leaves just will and griffin
and i.
we are headed to london on the train
for a few nights to see 
lion king on stage!!

view from my balcony...
montparnasse, l'ecole militaire
and les invalides..

should be an exciting 
few weeks!


  1. I've heard seeing Lion King in London is AMAZING! I've also heard Wizard of Oz is a must too!
    Have a wonderful, wonderful time Pam on spring break, oh and congrats to Stephen!!! Good college choices!

  2. wow. i really can't believe all you have going on.
    congratulations to stephen {& his parents} : )

  3. Wow. You really live this life? So fantastic.

  4. What a fun time for you all! Congratulations to your son ( and mom and dad!) xxoo

  5. Congratulations to your son! My daughter attends the University of Miami and loves Coral Gables. From the first moment she stepped on campus, she knew it was the place for her. I hope they have a great trip!

  6. Sometimes, do you have to pinch yourself, to remind you that your life is real? ;-) So awesome Pam and the fact your kids get to live the same dream at their ages is amazing! Safe travels my friend!!

  7. Yay for many great choices!! Your break is going to be fantastic! Lion King is amazing, but Lion King in London..oh my!!! xoxo