Monday, March 17, 2014

Musee du Luxembourg

steve was traveling all last week..
so yesterday i took some time for
 there is an exhibition at the 
Jardin du Luxembourg right now 
through June about Josephine Bonaparte!
i finished the trilogy a few weeks back
and i'm still so fascinated by her.

any day at a museum is a good day 
for me!

the portraits of course are 
but for me..
i am so interested in 
seeing her things!
her clothing and jewelry
and furniture
and her toiletry kit.
i'm  looking forward to 
taking a trip out to 
Chateau de Malmaison soon.

Josephine's trunk that she
traveled from Martinique to France with
to marry Alexander de Beauharnais.

of course i bought another book at 
the gift shop.
i started reading
Josephine yesterday.
after the museum i sat in 
a chair out in the Jardin in the sun
and read for a few hours.
steve and griffy came and met
me later and we sat outside at a cafe
and enjoyed the sun and the city.

we talked all about how
we don't ever want to leave here!

happy st. paddy's day!


  1. I always have to check to see what's showing that the Musée du Luxembourg when I'm in Paris. This looks like a fascinating exhibit - it hadn't started when I was there in January, and alas, I don't think there is any way I'll be back to Paris before June. Thanks for this glimpse! I've also read the Josephine trilogy and just loved it.

  2. I love your blog... it's like reading a travel magazine except with a cool mom vibe so it's relatable and fun! Please keep sharing! Happy spring too... sounds like the weather in Paris is nice. Here in CT we're still freezing cold! (ps... I still make the recipe you gave so long ago on your blog for pizza dough) :)

  3. What a day Pam! You are one lucky girl.

  4. I am just finishing up the first Josephine book..its overdue :) at the library!

  5. This looks fabulous and of course the Jardin de Luxembourg is a favorite of mine, I love spending hours here walking or reading each time I am in Paris.

    Have a great weekend.

  6. So intriguing! Would love to see her personal items!