Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Friend Water

the weather here in paris
has been simply beautiful.
blue skies
warm temperatures
trees blooming.

the champs du mars
is our playground!
griffy and i bring a blanket
some toys, snacks
soccer ball 
and spend hours out there.

there are playgrounds
and kiosks selling 
ice cream and hot dogs
and cotton candy.

griffin has an imaginary 
his name is 
friend water.

a few months ago
griff was playing
while i was making lunch.
he opened the door and 
told me his friend was coming 
over to play.
i asked what his friends name
he thought for a minute and 

one night at dinner
stephen went to sit down
in his seat and griffin yelled...
"you're sitting on friend!"
our dinner discussion that night
was all about friend.
i asked griff what friends
last name was..
he thought for a while.
and after looking around the 
dinner table
he said,
(glad he didn't say wine)

friend water came skiing
with us but he was too afraid to ski.
friend water doesn't go to school 
because he's too afraid of school.
friend water likes ice cream and pizza
and kinder eggs.

i write this blog
to remember.
to document our
families adventures
and our every day

i'm not a good blogger.
 i don't respond to comments.
i just don't have the time!
i do appreciate that people leave
comments here and i love 
reading them.

my favorite coffee spot in the 
i think i need to get some
flowers out there.


  1. He just gets cuter and cuter, and that view never gets old!

  2. Your son is adorable. Funnily enough my niece also had an invisible friend who was frightened of starting school. I purchased a DVD about 'my first day at school' which she loved watching and really helped her when the time came.

  3. I'm a new follower of your blog. I can't get over that view!! Wow!

  4. Your view is just unreal. Honestly, it is something out of a movie. Or, a dream. My sister had an imaginary friend as a small child. She grew up to be very intelligent, sensitive and stinkin' hilarious! Your picnics sound so enjoyable.

  5. Thinking about Griffy and his friend, Friend Water makes me smile. I love that his friend has the same likes and dislikes as Griffy. ;-). He's just so darn cute. And that view..... Tres' magnifique.