Monday, March 3, 2014

Avoriaz, France

we are home from 
the alps!!
what an amazing trip we had.
this was our view from our
balcony every day!

the first 3-4 days we skied
it was sunny and beautiful!

so fun sitting outside
listening to the band!

and at night we'd watch the sun go down over
the mountains.

the village bakery..
line out the door every morning.

our little place!
we were so sad leaving!

not a great picture..
but we loved the horse drawn
carriages and hearing their bells.

i didn't take many pictures with 
my good camera.
thank goodness for phone cameras!

the rest are from our phones..

out on our deck
apres ski!
(my beer..not hannah's)

stephen skied about 3 hours
south of us with friends.
we missed him!

hannah and i on the slopes!

steve and i had a ski date
one afternoon.
we skied to switzerland!
we were remembering our trip
to champoussin, switzerland 17 years 
earlier when stephen was a baby 
and we were living in germany.


will at the top!

hannah at the top!

griffy really didn't ski.
maybe next year!

we loved this place so 
much we're going back next
february vacation!

(not my pic)
looking down on 

we are so very blessed!


  1. What a blast!
    Everyone looks happy and fulfilled. Glad it was a good holiday.

  2. Beautiful photos Pam-what a neat vacation.

  3. ohh....i am drooling over all your adventures! what a great ski trip that looks like. sure beats our Maine skiing adventures! think of you guys, frequently! wishing you the best!

  4. Wow! It was so beautiful and serene it felt as thought you were on the edge of heaven!

  5. Looks magical! Oh the view from your place! Amazing!

  6. i want to live in that sweet, cozy place...

  7. What an amazing experience! Beautiful, dreamy pictures.

  8. Enjoyed them so much! Hard to pick a favorite. You are blessed.

  9. Wow. An amazing adventure you are on! You all look so happy and relaxed.