Friday, March 7, 2014


i became a mother 19 years ago

Here is his
short birth story.
i have no pictures of him 
here on this computer as a baby.
but he was a beautiful baby..

this boy..

who has moved 8 times

and changed schools
6 times

is not a boy anymore.

he is smart

and funny

and kind

and has great friends.

i feel so blessed that
we've had this extra year
with him

but i know he's ready to go.

happy birthday stephen.
your family loves you
so very much.


  1. I seriously got teary while reading this. What a beautiful birthday wish and tribute to your handsome young man. He is one lucky fellow! Happy Birthday Stephen!

  2. Happy birthday to your baby Pam... He also looks very like you... But you know that... Right?
    Enjoy the celebrations... xv

  3. What a beautiful post. I cried too. My boy leaves in June, and while it's wonderful and he's so ready, it's also so bittersweet. I hope Stephen saw this post.

  4. Happy Birthday to your son, Pam...
    Such a handsome young man who has been blessed with a wonderful family...
    This is a beautiful post to celebrate him!

  5. Happy Birthday Stephen! Yes. I'm teary too.

  6. Pam, I also got teary on this one. Written so beautifully!
    Happy Birthday Stephen!

  7. Happy Birthday to Stephen Pam. I wish him a life filled of faith and happiness.

  8. such a beautiful post! thanks for writing!

  9. Happy Birthday to Stephen! Lovely post.

  10. What a wonderful tribute to your very handsome son. The last shot says it all...shows how very proud you are of him!

  11. ahhh...happy birthday stephen!! i ask my self everyday HOW does time go so fast with these guys?? you have a great son who will soar on the wings you have provided!