Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wicked Weekending

We had such a great weekend! 
Hannah turned 13 on Saturday so..
instead of gifts and a party..she and I took the train into NYC for the night and saw Wicked.
It was awesome!! I don't think I'll ever watch the Wizard of Oz the same again.
And we both decided that this should be an annual event..this mother/daughter weekend!

We stayed here.
And can I just say....So Me. 
The history
The decor
The artwork
The wallpaper (Old New Yorker cartoons)
The tile on the bathroom floor!
The hospitality (for 2 days Hannah was showered with gifts from the staff, a cake and singing and someone saying "Happy Birthday" every time we came and went....maybe I'll go for my birthday.)
The resident cat..Matilda. (if you know me..you know I am NOT a cat person. Probably due to the severe allergy I have towards them...and that they remind me of snobby girls sometimes. :) 
The location.
Loved it here.

Here we are at the famous Blue Bar at the Algonquin.
Who can turn down complimentary drinks?
Not me apparently.

The first of THREE of these over 2 days.

Singing to Hannah :)

Off to shop in SoHo!

At the theatre
Wicked is sooo Good!
I want to see it again!

db Bistro for dinner...post theatre. 
Which means 11:30
WAAAY past my bedtime.
But so fun. :)

Oh look another cake.
Steve called this one in.

After sleeping in and breakfast in bed on Sunday we started our trek here.
This was the only place Hannah wanted to go to. 
After walking 47 blocks
in the rain
5 blisters
and a small argument 
(because I wouldn't buy the sad puppy in the window)
we made it here.
Apparently we walked 13 blocks too far.

Dylan's portait in jelly beans.
Of course.
(Dylan is Dylan Lauren...as in Ralph Lauren's daughter...a hipper, prettier Willy Wonka.)
And if you plan on visiting her candy bar...
start saving your pennies.
It ain't cheap.
Although, what is in New York?

Although for a dollar you can pick any of those sweets to dip in the chocolate fondue fountain.
Hannah chose the pretzel.
How much fun would that be at a party?

We didn't make it into the Met.
I was so bummed.
Because we walked FORTY SEVEN blocks to find the candy bar...
and the line was out the door at the Met..
we would have missed our train home.

Next time.

Happy Birthday Hannah.
I know we'll always remember this trip!

I love being your mom.


  1. Your daughter is gorgeous. Happy Birthday to her.

    I'm salivating over this post. As much as I love a beautiful beach, NYC is my most favorite place in the entire world. I would LOVE to be able to take a train into NYC from where I live. Love all of these pictures! How fun!

  2. Hannah is so beautiful! What a PERFECT birthday. You're so fortunate to live so close to NYC. My oldest turned 13 a few months ago. They grow so fast don't they?

  3. loved these pictures!
    my favorite is hannah in front of the algonquin.
    frame it, please : )

  4. What a great way to spend a birthday! I'm so jealous! Oh, and Wicked is just wicked awesome, no? Love, love, love that show! And your pictures are gorgeous!

  5. so so so sweet! great pictures and what a treat to have hannah all to yourself!
    i keep wanting to do the same type of trip with my older daughter....yet to happen. care to plan it all for me??
    still missing our "alleged" get-together! shall we try to get a date for the fall on the calendar?

    miss ya-

  6. Awesome! You can tell you made her feel so grown up and special, what an amazing birthday- you guys know how to rock it out!

  7. Pam, what a FUN weekend with your Girl!
    I dream of doing something like this with Lucy!!
    I agree with Hannah, this should be a tradition!

  8. You are so lucky to live close enough to NYC to do this! It should be a tradition. What fun!!!
    xoxo Dianne

  9. That WAS a Wicked Awesome weekend! :)

  10. What a great memory. I'm so glad you got to see it. It's awesome, isn't it? One of my faves.

  11. Love all the pics of Hannah's Birthday weekend...you gave me a great idea for a long weekend. Also, the hotel looks fabulous!
    Two beautiful ladies having a great time. :)

  12. oh... what a memory gift that is for her...an absolutely perfect way to become a teenager. well done mama! and her dad clled in a cake?? how SWEET is that?? this post made my morning... i am dreeaming of my little girls turning 13 now... :) i will keep these babes as long as i have them-- but when they go and grow up on me i want it to look like THAT!! :)
    lauren @alwayssomethingreal.blogspot.com
    ps.. blogger won't let me comment under my name..i think blogger secretly hates me. ;)

  13. What an amazing life experience and for her 13th birthday - wow!!

  14. okay pam....this is my third attempt at posting....i'll try again. wish i had your email....mine is drisc512@aol.com. you're going to think i'm a nut case, but i am over the top excited about your trip to nyc. wicked and the algonquin are at the top of our fav list. we've seen wicked 3 times. the song "for good" throws me over the edge. i sob every single time i hear it.
    {i have my reasons} my son actually lives down the street on 51st. as for the algonquin....class...history....ambiance.... we've stayed on several occasions or just stop in for a drink pre theater....after theater....whatever. some say it's stuffy....i love the story behind it. did you come into grand central station? so many secret places there also. my daughter (a teacher) and i spend a wknd in the city every summer before the new school year. we explore everywhere. this past year we stayed in tribeca and did the financial district. it's absolutely beautiful. cobblestone streets...history everywhere. i hope you and hannah get to make this a yearly tradition. enjoy your summer and i will peek in again. i've missed you on tp blog....now i know why. xxxx fanci