Monday, July 25, 2011

Simple Summering

Sewing...My AWESOME neighbor Kate taught Hannah how to sew.
She made this puff for her bedroom. 

It is the cutest thing ever.
She's going to teach me to sew now.
I can't wait.

Painting...Griffy loves to paint.
My kitchen table has been covered with newspaper for 3 days. 

Cooking...simple meals. Mussels with bread and wine. 
Total Yum.

Reading...Hannah is reading The Secret Garden
I'm reading Anne of Green Gables
Then we'll switch.
Oh how I love that Anne with an e. 

that'll never get old.


  1. Great job Hannah..Etsy is calling for you. :) Need to start a little business.
    Pam...the mussels look so good and so happy you are relaxing a bit. xoxoxo

  2. Those are my two favorite books. And good job Hannah...I LOVE that fabric.

  3. I was just thinking about reading the Anne series again...I think it's next up on my summer reading list:) The pouf is SO cute--she did a great job! She will be so happy she learned to sew now, I've just learned in the past few years and wish I had known it all along:)

  4. Hannah, you did an awesome job!!!! Love the colors and fabrics you chose, absolutely yummy!! And the em' both, but the Anne books are dear to my heart. When I was a little girl, nobody in my school's first name was Anne, loads of Lisas, Jennifers, Amys (this was the 70s, after all... :-), but no Anne, much less an Ann with an "e". I was kinda hating my name until my Mum bought me the Anne books, and, ever since, I've loved being Anne with the "e". Enjoy..... :-)

  5. I have never taken to sewing! I just don't enjoy it, but I wish I did. Hannah's pouf is wonderful! I have never read either of those books. Oh, I miss those days when my boys were young and loved doing art work. I was one of those mom's whole let my kids finger paint with yogurt and pudding. It was messy, but they loved it!!!!

  6. Ohhhh....that poof is ADORABLE! BB has taken some sewing classes. She loved them. Unfortunately, they just don't offer them much around here.

    Mussels will always remind me of traveling with my mom. She would always order them when we were on a trip. :)

  7. That poof is so cute.... I love it! My girl and I both sew.... it's a great thing to know how to do! Every girl should learn. I've all been about simplicity lately..... it's the best.... including eating. Have a great day, Pam!

  8. dear god, pam, those mussels look DIVINE - yum!! I'll be right over ...

    And as for Hanna's pouf thingy - adorable!! love the fabrics she chose, it's really great - love her bedroom, too ... we used those same B/W curtains in my girls' bathroom upgrade last winter - and the polka dot sheers? just put those up in my younger daughter's room - gorgeous choices, friend!!

  9. Love the poof! Really well done!

    I'm reading the secret garden at the moment and have Anne standing by in the wings. And Mary Poppins! It's that kind of summer!

  10. I love the puff! That is so cute and she did a great job on it. I have a sewing machine that my grandma gave me a couple of years ago. It's still in the box. I want to learn to sew so much! I love your little guy and the beach photo and the fact that he has on long sleeves. So, the weather must be pretty nice?!


  11. Hannah's poof is beautiful!!! Way to go Hannah! oxxo Gretchen

  12. Yay Hannah! Your pouf is perfection!
    Yay Pam! Your life is perfection!! :)
    Love, MA

  13. OMGoodness!! That is the cutest thing. I must know how to make it. What is it filled with? I might be able to figure out the rest if you could just tell me that part. Love it!

    --Blog stalker for a few months