Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Vineyard Weekending

We are loving summer!
Except for all the sickness these past two weeks.
Hopefully that's behind us...
cuz we got a lot more summering to do!

Sunday we went to the Vineyard.
Hannah goes for a week every year to stay with my mom.
My sister and her family live there too so she hangs out with the cousins.
That's my (crazy) brother David.
He's single.
Both my brothers came over with us.
John and his wife Jaimie and their 3 girls.

We really have a great time when we're all together.
David called me later that night and said,
"We have a great family."

John and Hopey

Hannah, Sophie and Nunk.
That's what they call him.

Time to sing Happy Birthday
Sophie and John!

We barely caught the last ferry home.

And we don't just sit and enjoy the ride.
No...we're loud
we laugh..
a lot
and David will talk to anyone.
He usually meets a friend or two on the boat.

So, (lucky) Hannah is on the Vineyard for the week.
My mom treats her like a princess.
She also makes THE best Bloody Mary's.

Thanks Mom and Jen for a great day!


  1. Hi Pam - looong time no see! i fell off the face of blogland after vacation started - the summer season trampled me ... but I just got caught up on aaaaall your posts over these last 4 weeks i've been gone (you've kept up even thru illness?! i'm so not worthy!) ... i especially loved hanna's b'day weekend in nyc - so special! in any event, i've missed you, friend - glad to be back!!

    and ps - I love your july header!!!

  2. It looks so beautiful there. How blessed you are!! :))

  3. Since we are NOT having a summer :(...I am living through YOURS!!! xoxo