Monday, November 2, 2015

Mdina..The Silent City

Walking through the old, walled
city of  Mdina
(pronounced um-dheena)
is like walking back in time.

As in over 4000 years!

You certainly don't feel like
you're on an island in the 

St. Paul's cathedral..
It's believed that 
Saint Paul the Apostle
lived in Mdina after
being shipwrecked on the 

There are about 300 residents of Mdina..
and very few cars allowed.

Known as 
The Silent City..
even with the amount of
tourists strolling the charming 
alley ways..

it is eerily quiet!

Malta is known for 
their elaborate door knockers!

We had a fun day 
visiting Mdina!

We also visited at night..
 it was so beautiful 
all lit up!

If you visit Mdina..
Fontanella's is a must!
The cakes are delicious!

We seriously ate cake 
for dinner..
It was that good!

Another great day 
in Malta!!

we tour around the
island of Gozo!!

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