Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Weekend in Champagne

Steve and I had the
opportunity to get away
together this past weekend.
This never happens, but we agreed
that it needs to happen more often!

We stayed at 
and it was fabulous!

We arrived around noon..
only about an hour and a half
outside of Paris.

We had  a delicious lunch in
the Brasserie at the chateau and 
then went straight to our first
Champagne tour.

We visited the 
Moet & Chandon house
(the T is pronounced in Moet!
I didn't know!)

It was a great tour!
Our guide was terrific.

And of course..
a tasting at the end of 
the tour!

"In victory, I deserve champagne..
In defeat, I need it"...Napoleon.

We had dinner that evening
at the 2 Michelin starred 
restaraunt Le Parc at the chateau.

The dining room was 
I took pictures the next morning
after breakfast.
We dined for four hours!
Each course beautifully presented
and more delectable than the last.
Including the chocolate
praline lollipops..
one of the four deserts we had!

After a great night sleep
(we slept until 9:30!!!)..
we made it to breakfast just in time!

I've lived in Paris for 3 1/2 years now..
I've had my share of croissants.
The croissants here were
the BEST I've ever had!!

We could have sat there all morning..
but we had bike riding to do,
a visit to the Reims cathedral,
and another champagne tour!

The construction of 
Notre-Dame de Reims
was started in 1211 and 
was opened in 1275.

A visit to 
Our Lady of Reims
is a must if you're visiting!

Our last stop for the day..
a champagne tour and tasting 
at the house of Pommery.

Descending 100ft
into the caves of the Pommery..

This was such a different tour
than the first..

It was more like a museum!

And of course a 
tasting at the end
of the tour...

The weather could not have been more

Colorful foliage,
warm temperatures
and plenty of sunshine!

A grainy selfie
in the caves of the house of 

It was a great weekend!


  1. Which was your fave champagne? I'm a huge White Star fan. I remember when we use to buy it for 18 dollars a bottle. Looks like such a great trip. YOu gave me something to add to my bucket list.

  2. What a gorgeous place! That dining room is exquisite and a 4 hour meal sounds lovely! Yum, now I'll be craving Champagne all day:)

  3. Long time reader of your blog Pam...watching CNN here in Chicago and hoping you and your family are all safe. Take care.

  4. Hello...thinking about you and hoping and praying you are all safe. Watching the news here, and thought of you. Blessings, my friend.

  5. Hello! Hope that all of you are safe.

    Love this post! Have visited this area many times and I love it!

  6. Hello! Long time reader from New York. I'm hoping you and your family are safe and sound. Our prayers are with everyone in France right now. God Bless!

  7. Pam love, I am praying for you, your family, and the entire city of Paris during this terrible tragedy. Hope you r safe. I thought of you immediately as you are the only one I know that lives near the Eiffel Tower. Glad I checked in.... your blog is just lovely. Please be safe and know I will never forget the fun we had on the TP blog. You are such a special person. God Bless.

  8. Another long time reader checking in and hoping you are all well.

  9. Hoping you and family are safe. Thoughts and prayers for your family and all of France.

  10. I don't comment a lot. ...but always look at your beautiful photos...and you lovely sweet family. You have all been n my thoughts this very scary weekend. prayers for Paris.

  11. Hi Pam, a Massachusetts fan of your beautiful blog checking in to send my thoughts and prayers to you and yours prayng you are all ok...xo

  12. Pam, thinking of you and hoping you all are doing okay!