Thursday, November 5, 2015

Malta..Part 5..Gozo

We put our rental car on the 20 min. 
ferry from Malta to Gozo
and had a wonderful day with the boys

Steve and the kids thought
I was crazy..but 
going to see the 350 year old
 salt pans 
was on my list of things to do!!

These salt pans span about 3 km. 
along the coast and are more than 
just pretty to look at.

In the summer months you can 
see locals scraping or sweeping
up the salt crystals.

I bought some Gozitan sea salt

Next we drove to the 
charming town of Victoria.

Beautiful cathedrals, charming shops
and streets.

We stopped and had lunch here at the 
base of St. George's cathedral.

I didn't take many pictures here as
there was SO much construction going on!
Not just on Gozo, but also
all around Malta.
When we asked about it at the hotel 
we were told that the Queen of England was coming 
next month!

After lunch we wandered
up the hill to 
The Citadel
(so much construction!)

The Cathedral of the Assumption..
unfortunately we couldn't go in.

The statues in front are of 
Pope Pius IX and Pope John Paul II.

The views were amazing!

Next we drove out to view 
the Azure Window!

This natural arch was formed
after two limestone sea caves collapsed.

It's a popular diving spot
and for picture taking of course!

We had the place almost 
to ourselves!
A perk of traveling at the end
of the season!

Our trip to Malta was so 
much more than I expected it to be.
We stayed an entire week and there 
was a lot left to do!

I guess we'll have to return!

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