Thursday, January 16, 2014

What I Love About Paris...#1

one thing i still have yet
to learn about living in paris..
never leave home without an 

griff and i were out at the 
markets the other day..
we got home just before 
a downpour.
and then..
just like that..
the sun was out
and this beautiful,
vibrant rainbow
appeared over the eiffel tower.

it poured all night 
and well into the morning.
one good thing about living on 
the top floor..
hearing the rain..
and looking across the 
champs de mars at the 
glistening slate rooftops.

i will never tire of this 
view i have.
i take so many pictures of it
because i never want to forget it.

paris rooftops..
one of the many things
i love about this city.

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  1. I really wish I could escape for a long weekend and walk the markets with you and take in all the breathtaking views you get to see on a daily basis!! How lovely that would be! If I could stroll the flea markets I would try and bring home some vintage potted meats crocks that have all the wonderful crazing and coloring of old age, and of course I'd need to grab a vintage big bulbous wine bottle…. oh there would be so many things to grab and bring home with me!! :-) I was also wondering Pam, have you guys tried to go to mass in France? I'd love to see some pictures of old churches and all their glory too. Hope you are having a happy Paris day- it's 41 degrees here in Kansas today and while I'm sure it won't last long, it does have me longing for spring! I planted 120 tulip bulbs this fall and I'm dying to see if I lucky enough for them all to pop up and greet me. :-)

  2. Hi Pam...I feel like my comments are always the same, but what else can I say but...gorgeous!!! I love reading your blog and seeing your truly beautiful photos capturing your life in Paris. Thank you for letting me visit my favorite city over breakfast each morning! xoxo

  3. I love your photographs. My dream is to visit your beautiful city one day. Your daily Paris is my favorite little thing each day.

  4. What an amazing view you have, Pam. Thanks for sharing it with all of us! I'm so glad I found you through Sandy at You May Be Wandering. I'm off to Paris on Wednesday so your rooftops are getting me into the spirit - plus, I'm very happy to find another place to get my Paris fix when I return home.

    Lovely to "meet" you! XO

  5. What beautiful views, Pam, and we so miss our time living in Paris. Are you close to the Champs de Mars? We lived on Avenue Charles Floquet and would walk under the Eiffel Tower every time we left our building. Now that we've found your blog, we'll be looking forward to our daily fix of Paris!
    C + C

  6. Gorgeous! I can't imagine looking at that every day. You are making me ache for a return trip.

  7. Beautiful photos!! :) I always enjoy your posts