Monday, January 20, 2014

A Perfect Paris Weekend.

steve flew home friday
after being gone for two weeks.
it was a long stretch..
we're glad to have him home.
the first week he was gone he 
went Cat Skiing with a group
of guys in British Colombia.
i'd never even heard of cat skiing.

i'm so happy he was able
to do this! 
it sounded like a great week.
from there he flew into LA
for a week for business
and now he's home..
completely jet lagged.
(that's him skiing in waist deep powder!)

i snuck out for a few
hours on saturday by myself.
a much needed break.
i've been wanting to visit the 
musee de l'orangerie.
i loved this museum!
and i'm completely obsessed
with Claude Monet now..
i sat in one of the two rooms
that exhibit his Water Lilies.
and just as he wrote in 1909..
"Nerves strained by work would relax in 
its presence, following the restful example
of its stagnant waters, and for he who would live 
in it, this room would offer a refuge for peaceful
meditation in the midst of a flowering aquarium."..
i sat meditating and enjoying the quiet
and the beauty that surrounded me.

i highly recommend this museum
if you're visiting paris.
it's located right at the base of 
the tuileries garden on the place de concorde.
no line to get in..
a quick tour..
and a great bookstore
(always a plus for me as i add
to my growing collection of coffee table books :)
i did pick up two books..
one about the 37 bridges in paris
and the other about Claude Monet himself.
now of course, i'm aching to get 
to giverny this spring!

from the musee de l'orangerie
i walked to the grand palais
to view the cartier exhibit.
i had a little lunch of quiche 
and a glass of vin rouge before
braving the crowds.
sitting next to me at the cafe
inside the grand palais was an adorable
french family...
the two children, a boy and a girl..
looked to be twins and not older than
2 1/2 or 3 years.
the children were dressed impeccably,
and in matching outfits.
 they sat up straight
and ate their quiche (with salmon!), drank 
their water from a glass not a sippy cup,
cloth napkin in their laps,
and not once in the hour that i was there
(they dined longer than me!)..
was an ipad, iphone, etc. in use...
by either the children or 
the parents!

back to the exhibit.

it was SOOOO crowded.
but well worth it.
even just to see kate's tiara!
it was stunning yet simple..
kind of like kate, non?

of course there were many tiara's
and jewels on display as well
as the iconic watches and grace kelly's
engagement ring and elizabeth taylor's
and of course i couldn't leave
with out a coffee table book!
Parisiennes is a lovely book
about the women of Paris. 

saturday night steve and i 
went out to dinner at one of our 
new favorite bistro's in our neighborhood..
steve gets the love burger
and i have the steak and mashed 
we split the warm chocolate cake
for desert.

sunday we lounged.
i made a chicken soup..
steve took the kids to the library
and scootering and 
the boys rallied around the computer
to watch the patriots :(

a perfect paris weekend i'd say.


  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me! The Cartier exhibit is on my list and I couldn't agree more about L'Orangerie and Monet. I spent 10 days in Giverny on my first trip to France painting in his garden when it was closed to the public. One of the most amazing experiences of my life. Now visiting L'Organgerie (or the Marmottan) is like reuniting with an old friend and getting lost in the gardens once again.

    Hope your week is just as lovely as the weekend!

  2. Love reading all the details, right down to the chocolate cake! What a magical weekend!

  3. It sounds to be most perfect! Claude Monet is my favorite artist, so your visit to the museum and time spent in a room with his paintings sounds like heaven.

  4. Perfect Paris weekend! I loved every detail. The museum sounds amazing! What an experience you had! Everytime I read your blog I dream about visiting Paris one day : )

  5. I love the Orangerie and have spent many happy hours there over the years and most recently in December. As for Giverney, you will LOVE it! It is everything you can imagine and more.

    I hope you have a wonderful week!

  6. Oui! Your weekend sounds tres magnifique!

  7. Pam, your date sounds heavenly! Have you been to Giverny yet? hugs, cathy