Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I've been reading.
When I get into a good book
everything comes to a screeching halt.
I can't get anything done.
I don't sleep.
I just want to lock myself in a
quiet room and read.

This is certainly true with my latest 
a trilogy no less.
my poor family.

A friend of mine leant me this book.
This first of three books introduces us
to the young Josephine Bonaparte,
Napoleon's wife..
Oh did I fall in love with her!

As soon as I finished I ran to the American library
and took out the next two..
Tales of Passion, Tales of Woe
begins in the early days
of their marriage.
The Last Great Dance on Earth
is the finale.

I love history..
especially French history 
When I walk the streets of Paris
I think of the people that walked
these same streets 
all those years before me.
I think of what Paris was like
during the French Revolution.
Reading these books has
 me inspired to learn more
about French history.

It has been cold and rainy 
here in the city.
Griffin and I spend our days
making art
playing games
 reading books
and drinking tea.
When we have to go out
to the market 
we pop into a cafe for a 
chocolate chaud and a crepe
to warm us up.

(crappy iphone camera...almost 
ready for an upgrade!)

Steve and I have been 
talking about what's next.
Where to go from here?
We have been here for a year and a 
half now..
we should be here another 
two and a half..
until Hannah graduates from 
high school.
Then what?
Try and stay here longer?
Back to Massachusetts?

It has me thinking of our
"stuff" back in the states.
Our stuff sitting in a storage unit.
Stuff that we've collected over 20 years of marriage.
Stuff that I thought I couldn't live with out.
It's funny how quickly I've forgotten
about my stuff.

todays weather..
oh for a snow fall!!
50% chance at 3:00 today!!


  1. The books look lovely! Thank you for that and stay warm. Fingers crossed for you for snow!!!

  2. Best wishes on your snowfall....and thanks for the book recommendation!

  3. I look forward to seeing how your destination adventure unfolds! Thanks so much for the book(s) recommendation. My kind of read. Oh, and I'm really enjoying "They Were Sisters", thanks to you!

  4. We have moved alot our married life too. We have been married 13 years and this is the first year we have lived 'home' in Seattle. Last year we lived in Australia and before that we lived in Massachusetts, New York, California, Texas and Hawaii. We are hoping to stay here in Seattle by family for our four kids. But we will see. I can totally relate to all that 'stuff' in the storage unit. We came with 12 suitcases (!!!!) and bought everything when we got there and sold it all when we left!

  5. I should say - we came with those suitcases to Australia - everywhere else we moved our stuff except when we my husband went to business school :-)

  6. Bonjour Pam. Now that you have read this series on Josephine, you need to ride the RER train to Rueil Malmaison and visit the beautiful château Napoleon once bought for her... You will love it! The old Rueil town looks better every year. This would make a great field trip for you and the little one. And I command you for learning more about French history. This will make your Paris years all the more interesting... until you move on to the next destination. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  7. I totally relate to forgetting about the 'stuff.' Funny how we can so easily live without the things that really don't matter. It's what matters that we always have with us and in our hearts. Thanks for the book rec!

  8. Pam I read those books a few years ago and LOVED them! I second Veronique at French Girl in Seattle, you must visit Malmaison, and Fountainbleu as well. Also a great day trip to see Chantilly, near Senlis by the Charles de Gualle airport. All beautiful places filled with rich history.

    I hope that you stay warm!

  9. ooh love the book recc....i was without my "stuff" for 3 weeks and I realized i didn't miss it very much...I can only imagine after 3 years!! Wow, if you are willing and able...a new city sounds amazing to me...London will always be a fave for me, but Belgium or Singapore...oh my!!

  10. The "stuff" thing really resonated with me too;) Amazing how little we need!

  11. Pam, I can relate to this! I don't do a lot of reading of books unless I am on vacation, because if I am hooked I can easily stay up till 3 am reading and then the grouchies from lack of sleep arrive...until I finish the book nothing else happens! I think that you will know the next opportunity for a move when it is time. Hard to believe that you have been there for a year and a half already! hugs from Ohio, cathy

  12. I love history too....must read this trio, thanks for the tip! About the stuff....interesting that you bring it up. I am purging something fierce. 85% of my "stuff" is going. I can't wait! Lynn and I have recently talked about our future. We'll be empty nesters come this summer. What's next for us? Stay tuned! xx

  13. Lovely, all of it. How surprising to know there is an American library there. It's so fun to dream about what adventure awaits us next. It sounds like you have many adventures to choose from!

  14. We had been outside the U. S. for 12 years. I too had wonderful things in storage that I had collected from various countries over the years, beautiful carved furniture. I couldn't wait to see it. Two years on, we are living in Northern Virginia with all our wonderful stuff, and all I can think about...."I want to live somewhere complicated...." I would prefer living out in another culture and navigating the dual cultures. While it is certainly challenging at times, living outside your home country, one tends to be around people that are also go-getters and up for doing and living and surrounded by interesting talk and a light in their eyes. I miss that to be honest. Best of luck in your decision for that season of life.