Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My New View

We are settling in.
Our rental house here in Chaville is perfect.
We will be here for a month until we can move into
the Paris apartment.

I should make it known that it is NOT
all glittery Eiffel Tower lights and macaroons.
We've had some meltdowns.
And it's to be expected.
As lovely and romantic as it sounds
to move to Paris,
it has also been stressful and emotional.
For all of us.

Today I can look back on yesterday and laugh.
I made a complete fool of myself at our local grocery store
and then got lost driving home.

(Welcome To France)


  1. Congratulations on your move! Enjoy the new view and the grocery shopping. What an incredible experience you're giving your family!

  2. I understand. When we moved to our island it was so challenging and folks back home would say, "Poor you...living at the beach." It is tough to move and manage your family's emotions as well as your own, combined with all things new surrounding you to navigate. I am glad to hear you have a cozy place to settle in and time to adjust. How is your French coming along?

  3. love your new view pam. i have a thought. how about having your kids "guest blog" for you when they are having a "moment"? yes...i know....according to age there are different gripes and meltdowns along with the joy of a new adventure. G....PG,,,,PG13 !!! lol


  4. the occasional R rating we will leave for you and steve!


  5. Congrats...and thank goodness is it not all peachy goodness. Even in Paris, things can be stressful.makes me feel better.
    Enjoy and thanks for bringing us along. Welcome to your new home!

  6. a lovely view. so glad you are settling in!

  7. A beautiful view!!! And the boys look happy out there! xoxoxo

  8. Haha I love your interpretation of WTF!!!! :) Love you, Pam!!!!! Thank you for keeping it real.......But, still wish I were there with you. What a dream!!!!! XOXO

  9. thinking of you on your grand adventure! sounds like you have embraced it all...the good, the bad & the ugly (like that even exists in France!). thanks for the updates.
    let me know if you need anything....happy to send you care packages...especially if the kids need a little taste of home every now and then.

    have fun-