Friday, July 27, 2012

City Girl

A lot going on here.

Last weekend we went into the city...
it's only about a 20 minute drive from our rental 
out in Chaville. 
Saturday we walked up the steps to Sacre Coeur.
I hope to never take the beauty of Paris
for granted.

I have a friend back home..
in NC who just lost her husband yesterday.
I had lit a candle for them there.
You are still in my prayers Dianne.

Sunday we drove back into the city
and watched the Tour de France.
So cool!
We were able to meet up with Steve's cousin
Bob while he was traveling in Europe on business.

Later that day we got to meet up with some friends
from NH. meet in Paris.
How lovely is that??

Well...not so lovely, is that
we've had to move out of our beautiful
rental house in Chaville.
A few nights back we were "attacked"
by swarming termites! Ewww!
After deciding to leave the rental
as we weren't sleeping...we've checked into 
a hotel in Paris. 
I must admit..
it's wonderful being here in the city.
I think I will enjoy being a city girl.


  1. pam! you need this:

  2. Wow! Such an adventure Pam!!

  3. Oh my goodness your adventure has started out strong! Might as well get to the city and get to know it better!
    I'm a city girl at heart too!

  4. I love reading all this...keep it comin sista!! :)