Thursday, July 19, 2012

Guest Blog: Hannah :)

It's Hannah..
So the other day my mom showed me and my brothers a comment that one of her followers Fanci wrote her.. it said that her kids (meaning us) should "guest blog" our views on the "views from my kitchen sink" and tell everyone how we feel about this change... so I am going to do just that.. 
ok.. so far this has been sort of an emotional roller coaster.. for the whole family... I mean come, on we are not used to this yet. There is the fact that we are all together 24/7!!! IN ONE HOUSE ALL THE TIME!!! AHHHH so yes it gets stressful. And me, being the only girl, I feel like I need a brake from my brothers... Stephen, Will, and most of all Griffin....
There is just too much family time... TOO MUCH!! I miss my girlfriends... and I know I have mom... but as much as you think it might be the same, because-you know-she is a girl.. its not... I'm 14.. and she's older!! sorry mom.. love you <3 
so yes I hate to say it, but this week hasn't started out good.. but I have faith.. and I know it will turn out good.. and looking back I will be able to say to my kids what a great experience this was for me and my family... 
and I bet they wil be jealous!! ;) 
yep!! and as my mom said to me.. a few meltdowns ago- the good times will definitely override the bad times.. we have all had our little mental breakdowns but, it will get better and we will have such a good experience...and I know it will be such a great adventure :)
Thanks for listening to my view...
Love Hannah <3 


  1. Hannah, thank you for "keeping it real" and thank you for sharing your VIEW with us.
    A bientot!

  2. You are one sharp young lady! I look forward to hearing about how you like your new school when it begins. xoxo

  3. Hi Hannah! My 12 year old and I loved reading your post and hearing your honest take on everything. I think it's refreshing and fun to hear from the child's point of view and my daughter totally gets where you at. She wishes you the best of luck in your transition and we both know you will be enriched and come to enjoy this experience. You have tremendous courage and my daughter only wishes she had the courage to move overseas. Can't wait to hear more about your adventures abroad!

    Cheers Hannah :)

    Jackie and Zoe

  4. This is just a transition period. It will get better. Just so you know...I am totally jealous of you! You are in for an amazing adventure!

  5. dearest hannah,

    fanci here...aka anne. ( my grandson calls me fanci..and NO i'm not that old!) bravo on your first post. you nailed it!!! my family has been through many changes these past few years. different than yours....but changes just the same. trust me when i will get better. i'm sure your mom and dad have told you that repeatedly, but....hey....i wanted to say it too! visiting your mom's blog and a few others that i can relate to have reawakened my creativity....okay...that was a little dramatic, but you get it. we share the same interests of family, faith, design, east coast, etc. i had no idea what a blog was a year and a half ago. i look forward to your future posts over these next 3 yrs. i want to hear about all the friends you meet...who gets on your nerves beside, of course, your you're in for quite a ride young lady.....i hope you decide to bring us along.

    fanci ;-)

  6. oh....i am now following your pins. i hope you will follow mine as well! fanci

  7. Hannah, as a former professional ballerina myself .... Ballet school in Paris?!!! You should know there's a really jealous 14 year old inside of this now "older mom". Enjoy every minute!

  8. are a wise girl.... hang in there! It is going to be the best adventure! Hope you will post again!

  9. SO loved hearing from you, Hannah! Your view was spot on...and yes, real, as CC stated. A piece of advice I might hand out----is my buzz word for the summer: EMBRACE. Embrace France. Embrace this season of life. Oh, yea...your children will love hearing all about it. xoxo