Friday, April 8, 2011

Last Weekending...finally

Chocolate pudding with a fork. 
Baseball parties
Girls weekend on the Cape
More painting
Visit with old friends

It was so great seeing you guys! Hannah and I miss our girlfriends! Please come down to the beach soon.


  1. look at those cute girls together ... glad you had a fun weekend - it was gorgeous, wasn't it?! The 5-day is looking good for us this weekend too!! Yippee!

  2. hi pam....this is of the durls from tracy's blog. all home sick with a bug today, so i decided to peek in on some of the girl's blogs who follow tracy. i am sooo enjoying yours and will continue to follow your "view". it's delightful. i have to ask...i'm curious about the baseball cap your son is wearing with the D in sooooo many pics. it appears green to me. is it dartmouth? if so, my son is a grad and played baseball for them. if hat!! lol are you located in new england? we're from long island, ny. hope you enjoyed your recent visit to manhattan. we're going in this week to have dinner with our son before leaving on vaca. let me know about the hat. i'll see you at tracy's and at your kitchen sink. xxx fanci

  3. Just checking in...I haven't been blogging much, and miss you and everyone else I've met!! The camera bag is adorable. I've been looking for one forever. I bought a Keen bag last year, but it just gets tossed in there and doesn't feel there's no room for anything else. I think I'll add this to my ongoing wish list!