Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I missed the 10 on 10..so here's 12 photo's for 12 hours on the 12th...I think it will be fun to look back someday and see a day in my life. 

6:30...the calm before the storm. 

7:20...packing lunches. Wake up Will!

8:30...house is quiet again. Back in bed with Griffy to read and snuggle.

9:15...haven't been sick all winter. Not even a sniffle. 3 days before we go away I get the flu. 

10:45...my new obsession. Tracking Steve's flights.  I can't sleep until I know he's landed safely. 

11:30...home. After a long week in Dubai. Actually it was ME who had the long week. Don't feel bad for him. We're so happy he's home. 

12:30....naps all around.

1:30...loving my new camera bag from Jo's Totes.

2:15...peas and pasta for Griffy's lunch. 

3:30...outside on the playground. 

4:30...takes me all week to read the Sunday paper.

5:00...pray it doesn't rain. 


  1. Fun pics...ok I have to share...I used to drink Coffeemate Vanilla too, but since it is loaded with partially hydrogenated oils (YUCK) I switched to International Delight Vanilla, it is one of the only creamers on the market with out the partially hydrogenated poision :) give it a try!

    I want a jo totes bag...so fun to see you got one!
    so sorry you are sick..hope you are better in a few days for your trip..tell us where you are going!!

  2. Traders has coffee creamer too and it's pretty good. I was also addicted to coffee mate but stopped for the reasons Dawn said. Then I switched to the Trader Joe's kind but now I'm 1/2 and sugar. Funny b/c I gave up coffee creamer for lent one year and just never went back, lol. I hope you feel better. I don't know how you funtion so well with Steve gone so much. Have a GREAT trip!! I must admit that I'm jealous!! Love the pictures!

  3. Oh, hope you're feeling better. Hope the rain held off. Oh, girls up north use Vera Bradley lunch bags, too! That pic of Griffy is the cutest thing waiting for his lunch! And I have camera bag envy!

  4. Oh no! Get well before Cali!
    Try using soymilk or almond milk creamers with a drop stevia. So much healthier and really good too! I will never go back to dairy! I haven't touched a newspaper in years. The "feel" of newspaper is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. The pic of peas, pasta and your little peep is priceless!

  5. I just love this idea....will do this next month! Hope you feel better soon :-) xxxooo

  6. It looks like such a nice day. I love that you and Griffy went back to bed to read and snuggle when the house was quiet again. I hope the rain held out, and I hope you're feeling better!

  7. Hi Pam-

    I loved this post...what a creative idea. Can I steal it for my blog? I have an addiction to Coffee Mate Coconut Creamer....trying to stop but so hard!!!
    Hope you feel better soon.

  8. Hi Pam
    I had the flu yesterday too. Not fun. Love this post. Hope you are feeling better!

  9. Fun day!
    Love the pic of Griffin looking up at the pasta.
    I would be checking the flight tracker too.
    Enjoy your week!

  10. so sorry you're sick : (
    i love your new bag! such a great idea - i hate carrying a purse + a camera bag ♥
    dog heaven is the sweetest book ~ thanks for the recommendation, pam!

  11. I can't believe you did all of those things while sick - hope you feel better soon!! and you ended up with a great night for the sox game, the rain held off!! going somewhere fun for april break?