Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I love to travel.
I don't love to fly.
No one in my family wants to sit next to me on the plane.
I cry.
Sometimes hysterically.
Sometimes the flight attendant asks if I'm ok.
Pathetic I know.
we're home.
We flew all day Easter Sunday.
And the Easter Bunny was not organized enough to think ahead and maybe hide eggs.
Or even have an Easter basket for the kids.
So my wonderful husband went out at 8:00 Sunday night.
He bought, prepared and cleaned up Easter dinner that we all ate at 9:30.
He bought the kids candy and an Easter cake.
He's the best.
I was an emotional wreck. 
But I'm home.
I love to travel.
But I love to come home.

We did have an amazing time in California.

Arriving in LA.

Santa Monica Pier

Hannah loved shopping Rodeo Drive

Will loved seeing the Hollywood sign.

This was my favorite part of the trip. Driving up to Santa Barbara to visit the Tracy Porter store!! This is Hannah with Tracy's sister Robyn. Robyn was so sweet! The store was over the top amazing...everything I'd imagined and more. 

I was so excited to be there..my photos came out terrible! I'm trying on some of her fashions in the way cool dressing rooms. 

I love everything about this. 

We found a great park to walk around in Santa Barbara.

Watched this during our drive back to Santa Monica.

Pool in Coronado

We all loved the San Diego Zoo

Griffy's favorite was the elephants.

We ate really well. This is Casa Guadalahara in Old Town San Diego. Griffin loved the Mariachi band.

We rented..and almost crashed..our 6 person bike. 

We loved California.

Easter Dinner late Sunday night all thanks to my husband.
Thanks Steve for all that you do.


  1. Wow! It looks like you got to see and do some really cool, fun things. Glad you had fun...and glad you like getting back home!

  2. First, I have to say that if I could live anywhere in the world, it would be San Diego. I love it there. The weather is so perfect, the plants, the ocean. So beautiful. And I love that picture of the three boys.
    I want to know what you thought of the beach. Is it completely different from your beach?
    And you in Tracy Porter--so happy for you. I hope you got a ton of inspiration and a few goodies to bring home. You look great.
    I've missed you.

  3. What a trip! What an awesome husband. I cry on planes too Pam. Guess we'll never travel together huh? :) You sure made your way up and down the coast! I didn't realize there was a Tracy Porter store in SB. One more reason to go see my brother and his family! :)

  4. wow! congrats on a great trip!! but congrats even more on a stellar choice of husband!!! good husbands are the BEST!!! :)

  5. Glad you all had fun Pam. I've missed your posts! Love all the pictures especially the one with all the kids and your oldest giving you the sweetest kiss. Melts my heart! Glad you survived the plane. I just get really nauseated, but I figure if we're goin down..we're all goin down together! Thank God for great husbands:)

  6. What a wonderful trip, so many fun things to do! I LOVE SB, no place like it! The family pic in front of Hollywood sign is a classic, love it!! :)

  7. Gotta love a hubby like Steve! :)
    So glad you had fun.

  8. Beautiful pictures! you drove all over California:) glad you are home safe and sound!

  9. So much fun ! You took quite a bit in while you were visiting California....great trip.
    Lucky girl to have experienced Tracy's store. Wow!
    Your wonderful husband capping off the week preparing your Easter dinner and getting candy for the kids; it doesn't get better than that.
    Welcome back Pam!
    Now..you need some rest!

  10. wow! wow! wow! looks like a wonderful trip!!! i love all your pictures! we haven't made it to the west coast, yet! yes, vacations are great, so much work for us mommas, and always good to be home.

  11. All I can hear in my head right now is Joni Mitchell singing "California." Love that place--it's my home, sweet home. Looks like you had so much fun, Pam.

  12. How fun is that!??! We used to live in San Diego so I knew immediately where you were when I saw the Guadalajara picture of the mariachi band. Oh, you brought back memories. I miss San Diego! And its fantabulous zoo too.

    Glad you made it home alive. ;)

  13. Glad you had a blast bit sorry you get so nervous on the plane!
    I do miss Cali, but love visiting too.
    And, I have that dress you are trying on in the TP store.
    Great post Pam!

  14. Love. It. All! Glad you're back, I've missed you too! :-)

  15. WOW!! What an incredible trip - you fit so much into those days, and i especially approve of the choice to include tracy porter in your itinerary! And the SD zoo ... so envious! #1. That pic of the kids and hubby near the Hollywood sign = incredible, doesn't even look real! #2 - the pic of you with the kids by the water with your oldest kissing your head? I'm swooning for that one, LOVE it! and #3 ... what an amazing hubby to put all that together on Easter night - welcome home!!

  16. Looks like such an amazing trip. I love the picture of you with your kids. Sweet

  17. That picture of you with your oldest kissing you on the cheek nearly takes my breath away. So sweet. Glad you had such a great trip!

  18. oh, pam it's so much fun to see your CA pix!! i have some similar ones from our trip just weeks before :) so glad you had a good vacation...and it sounds like you have your very own prince - steve's a gem!!