Thursday, January 21, 2016

December 2015

(image taken from the top of
Sacre Coeur)

It is COLD
here in Paris!!
I so wish it would snow.

Steve and I had tickets to
go see U2 here in Paris 
on November 15th...
two days after the attacks.
U2 postponed that show 
and came back to play
December 7th.

It was such an amazing show!
Emotional and powerful..
the picture above showed
all the names of the people
that were killed on that terrible day
here in Paris.

I didn't get many great pictures..
but on 
December 17th
Stephen flew home for Christmas
and Griffin's school
held it's annual 
holiday show!

Griff is in the green..
it was such a great show!
His school is small..
1st grade through 5th.
And the show was in French and 
We are so proud of you Griffy!!

The next day
December 18th..
our anniversary.
22 years!

Christmas morning!

I don't know why I don't
insist on a family photo
on Christmas.
Next year.

This was our 4th
Christmas in Paris.
I wonder where we'll be 
next year.

A few days later
my mom, sister and
niece came for a visit!

I think it's the best time
to visit Paris..
especially if the weather
is nice!
Paris is decorated beautifully
and the Christmas markets
are fun!

We did all the 
touristy things!

One of our favorite's was
spending the day 
in Montmartre.

Walking around 
the charming Place du Tertre 

And climbed to 
the top of 
Sacre Coeur!
What a view!


they are like sisters 

A great day!

And on January 5th..
we celebrated Steve's 

Stephen went back to Miami..
Hannah's college applications 
are all in..
Will and Griff are 
settling back in school
and I'm enjoying some 
quiet days!

I think I'm all caught up!!

Happy 2016!!


  1. A happy 2016 to you and all your family! Your photos are gorgeous! A big kiss from Portugal :)

  2. I had to keep looking back and forth between the photos of the girls. They could be twins!

  3. Happy New Year! Looks like a wonderful month. Enjoy your remaining time in Paris.

  4. So glad I checked in here! What a great month you had. Montmartre is an area of Paris I did enjoy. Loved seeing all of your pictures!

  5. Where is Pam? I've so enjoyed her posts and pictures and now no posts or instagram.
    Hope all is well.

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