Monday, June 4, 2012

Home Alone

Last Thursday
Steve took all 4 kids
to Disney World.
I stayed home.
For 5 days and 4 nights..
A small part of me felt guilty
for not going.
And then I quickly got over it.
Steve travels A LOT.
And this was his gift to me.

I had all of these grandiose plans.
Mani/Pedi's, sit on the beach,
visits with girlfriends, sleep in, READ,
clean out my basement and my attic.
I slept in and read.
It was 50 and raining.
Perfect for sleeping and reading.

He sent me this picture a few hours ago.
Within seconds of receiving the email
I called him and yelled...
"Will is in a WHEELCHAIR?!!!"
He fainted waiting in line.

So, as I sit here in my oh so very quiet house,
getting ready to drive to the airport to pick up
my beautiful family,
I am so very thankful.
For the quiet.
And for my husband.

I'm ready for you all to come home.


  1. What a treat...and I would be ready for them to come home too. But I would be glad to have gotten out of going to Disney. I always need a vacation after that!
    Glad you had some alone time!

  2. Wow. That is awesome. So glad you got that gift! Enjoy their homecoming and the memory of the quiet ; )

  3. Hannah looks SO much like you in that picture! Poor Will...that sums up Disney for me...fainting in line! Glad you had fun of all people deserve it Pam and will need the stored up energy for the weeks ahead.

  4. OH my gosh. Good for you, 5 days and 4 nights sounds like a dream. I would have also felt guilty for a second, but then gotten over not going. You deserved a nice break. What an amazing husband you have. Now I'm dreaming of the day Kevin takes Boyd on a trip, without me. :))

  5. How nice that you got a break. I'm sure the move to France has been keeping you so busy lately. I often encourage my husband to take the kids by himself places. The kids spend so much more time with me than with my husband and I think it makes the outings a little more special when it is just him. It makes for good memories.

  6. definitely would not know what to do with myself, the silence would be so confusing to me! i'm sure you filled all the hours with prep for your move, are you purging like a maniac?! haven't been to my gmail account in 9 days, but next week i'll get over there and return emails ... you're top priority ;-)