Monday, June 18, 2012

The days of my life

last day of school.
sad for my kids.
stephen will not graduate here.
hannah will most likely.
if we come back in 3 years as planned.
we love our town..
but, we're keeping our options open.

read this from cover to cover last night.
loved every page.

more Paris books.
each were gifts from friends.
thanks julie and kate

hannah was promoted from 8th grade last week.
how is my little girl going to be a freshman in high school?

hannah took this at her final ballet recital.

loved this she drew of our family.
steve's mole included.


  1. That is a crazy cute drawing....your outfit is fab and she has drawn your new haircut too. Surely it is hard to leave...but seems like everyone is up for this fun adventure. And such cute freshman girls!

  2. Love the ballet picture .. but I'm biased :) I hope she loves every minute of ballet in Paris. What an opportunity!

  3. we just got out of school on Friday - phew, summer vacation is here at last! it was a grueling homestretch, i think i'm still quite traumatized and going to need a full week of nowhere to be in order to recover from all the runaround and drama from last week! meantime, your runaround is just beginning - how soon do you go? i fear my hopes will be dashed of ever connecting with you on this side of the atlantic, you're leaving soon aren't you? btw, that ballet picture is amazing - love it! these look like instagram pics - if you're on, I'm brand new over there - user name is "luckyladybug123", I hope you'll find me so we can connect through that!

  4. Such wonderful adventures await all of you! Can't wait to follow your every move. xoxo

  5. I love Hannah's photo and drawing. So many great details in the drawing!
    I have "Summers in France". I think Kathy Ireland is so talented, and she is funny too!
    Would love to come sit in your home and browse through all of your French related books.
    You have quite the collection going!

  6. What a precious picture your daughter drew of your family! She's pretty observant, that's for sure!

  7. I love that you are reading so many wonderful books on Paris. You will be there soon. I can't wait to see all of your photos. I love that picture that Hannah drew. So cute!

  8. Great story, in pictures. 1. LOVE the way your son dresses----just so cool. SO much better dressed than our Texas young men. Of course, I DID grow up in CT, so am biased. 2. LoVe the ballet photo, soooo cool. 3. Hannah looks sad on last day of school. 4. She's such a beauty. Oh, girl...your life in Paris will be tres GRAND!!!!!