Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Au Revoir Paris

(photo taken 4 years ago!)

Tomorrow I leave Paris
with the kids.
We fly to Boston and then
on to Martha's Vineyard for the 
summer and then
we head to California 
for the start of another school year.

I am so very thankful to have called
Paris home for 4 years.
I am thankful for the travel 
and the cultural experiences we've had.
I'm thankful for the friends we've made 
along the way.

 I'm thankful most for 
my children who have embraced
this lifestyle we've chosen.
I am so proud of how they've 
handled all the changes we've 
thrown at them..
I know these experiences will 
only enrich their lives
as they continue to grow
and start lives of their own.

And I'm thankful for 
my husband.
we wouldn't be here if it weren't 
for your hard work.
I'm thankful we share the same
appetite for travel and new 

I am sad to leave Paris..
there is no doubt about that..
and I've thought about all the things 
I'll miss.
Too many to list!
I know it's time for the 
next adventure and more
new experiences and new 
people to meet.

merci Paris
for giving us the most
amazing 4 years!
Au revoir et a bientot!!


  1. I have been a quiet follower for all four years and, well, ...I think I am going to cry...Thank you for being willing to share your life in Paris through words and pictures! Living abroad will most likely not be in my future, so this has been a gift to see this experience through your eyes! May the Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you.

  2. Sniffle, sniffle:( I'm going to miss virtually enjoying Paris through you! Thank you for sharing all your amazing trips and experiences of living there. Wishing you and your beautiful family the very best in your new journey!

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  4. I've loved following your journey in Paris. Best wishes on your next big adventure! AK from WI

  5. I'm sure that you will miss Paris and all your friends exceedingly. Good Luck on your next "life" in Southern California! I've really enjoyed reading about Paris. Thank you so much for blogging about it1


  7. Waiting to hear about your new adventures in CA!

    Andrea from Boston

  8. Hi Pam!
    Long time reader...
    Just checking in to see how things are with you.
    Hope all is well.
    Happy New Year!