Tuesday, February 17, 2015


I flew to NYC in 
January for a long
weekend to celebrate
my mom's birthday.
 It was a quick but very fun
weekend with my sister Jen,
my brother John 
and mom.
(we missed you David!)

My flight was delayed 
coming into JFK
so Thursday night 
we just had a quick dinner
at the hotel.

Friday was a fun
filled day!

We started with a trip down
to the 9/11 memorial.
It was a sunny and bitter cold
so glad we went.

From there we went back 
up town and had a
fantastic lunch at 
Fred's at Barney's.
Delicious food,
great service,
and fun people watching..
(I forget how loud we Americans
can be :)

Later we had dinner
at Bobby Flay's 
Bar Americain..
more good food
and lots of laughs.

Then it was off to
see Beautiful!
The musical about 
Carol King..
What a great show!!

John and I
had breakfast together
the next morning while
mom slept in.
It was so nice to spend
that time with them.

They headed 
home that morning..

..and I was lucky to have
one more day and night
in the city...

A day spent shopping
and visiting the 
Matisse cut out exhibit
at the MOMA..
and stocking up at 
Whole foods!
And breakfast in bed...
and a facial.

It was a fabulous trip..
thanks to Steve for making 
it happen and holding 
down the fort back here in Paris!

We've all been sick with the flu
for a few days.
This past weekend we stayed in 
pajamas and ate soup,
watched movies
and read books.

I read my first ever
I was too sick to go to the 
so I downloaded
The Girl on the Train 
on my ipad.
LOVED the book..
reading on the ipad..
not so much.
However, after finishing
Girl on the Train in a day..
I found myself downloading
Big Little Lies.
LOVED that one too!

And today I bought 
The Boston Girl.
I guess I don't mind 
reading on the ipad 
that much.


  1. Loved Girl on the Train. It was such a great book!!!!

  2. Glad you had such a lovely visit with your family, Pam.
    And so happy you had that extra time on the end of your visit to yourself to refresh and recharge.
    I was an iPad reader hold out for a looooong time.: )
    And then...I got hooked.
    It in no way replaces the love I have for holding a beloved book in my hands and turning the pages, but it does have a way of pulling me in. : )
    Hope you are all on the mend.
    Have a cozy day!

  3. Any tips on reading faster? I am in awe of how fast your reading skills are Pam? I am in need of tips. So slow. !!!

  4. Just started Big Little Lies and I think I will read Girl on the Train next!
    I resisted the iPad for so long too, but I love how gentle it is on my eyes, simple to read in bed. No light needed!
    But, you know how I love my books too!
    Hope you are all feeling better now!

  5. E reading is addictive, but yet doesn't "feel" right , at least to me. That said, my book shelves are full! So........

  6. It is is nice to come "home" to refuel ....Looked like a great time!
    I just finished Boston Girl. I think you will like it....being a Boston Girl yourself. Also really enjoyed Jannette Wallls new book Silver Star.
    Sorry your family is ill. I betting it is warmer in Paris!

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