Monday, October 22, 2018

Hello from Arizona!!


                                                                      Well, it's been a while
                                                                 since I've been here! So much
                                                            has happened this past year I don't know
                                                        where to begin. We FINALLY bought a new
                                                   computer which is the main reason I haven't been here.
                                              It was so painful to do anything on our old computer so blogging
                                         was just not possible. But I'm happy to be back!!

                                     Steve's dad passed away a year ago. Steve was on his way from California
                                 to Dubai and received a call during his layover that he should come to Boston
                              as soon as possible. He made it to the hospital on the Cape just in time to say good
                           bye. A few weeks later we were all headed to Cape Cod for the service. It was a
                      beautiful send off. Bill we love you and  miss you every day.

                                                                    Just a few months later
                                                            Steve's mom also passed away.
                                                       We all flew home to the Cape again and
                                                   celebrated his beautiful mom taken too soon
                                              from Alzheimer's disease. In the midst of our grieving and
                                         sadness we enjoyed being together again with Steves family. Jessie we
                                   love and miss you every day too! (photo above of all of Jessie's grandchildren)

                                                               We took advantage of being on the
                                                          Cape and made a quick overnight trip to the
                                                     Vineyard. While there, Steve threw me a beautiful
                                                 birthday dinner with my family. I turned FIFTY!!!!


A few months later we were flying to
Miami to celebrate Stephen's graduation !

Stephen had a fantastic 4 years at the U!
So proud of you!!

Griffin turned 9!!
So thankful for facetime!!

Oh! We also got a puppy!
Now, before I get comments about
how I've given two dogs away..
Coco is staying!
We love her!
She is the sweetest thing.
We got her right before Christmas and she just
turned one a few weeks ago.

Steve started a new job within his same
company last January. He commuted back to 
California every weekend while we decided whether or
not to move again.
After a lot of family discussion we decided to make the 
move to Arizona. 
We are still getting settled and although it's not far from
our home in California, it is SO very different.
The pictures above are from Joshua Tree National Park
in California. We took a drive through when driving home
from a house hunting trip to Arizona one weekend.
We decided to rent here...
we found a great house with beautiful views and 
lots and lots and lots of
Scary wildlife.

I was so saddened by the death of 
Anthony Bourdain..and Kate Spade.
This is one of my favorite quotes of his.

We flew to the Vineyard for a quick trip.
Not as long as we are normally there but
I was thankful to be able to go, even for a 
short time.

Saying goodbye to our family and 
the Vineyard and home to California to
pack up!

The moving company took such great
care of my hundred year old farmers table 
from France!

Will turned 16 on the Vineyard.
It was the first time
I wasn't with him on his
He stayed with my sister and
worked all summer.
He loves being there.
I bought my first ever lottery ticket the
other day.
Will said if we won we'd fly to
the Vineyard and celebrate
with our family there.

Hannah started her Sophomore year
at Northeastern University in Boston!
She has a great apartment and loves her 
roommates! We miss her but so happy she's
happy and healthy!!

I think we will have an 
abundance of
grapefruit soon!!
I need a juicer!

We took Griff to the traveling
production of Les Mis recently.
He's still humming the music.

Watching for snakes.

New car
New job
New apartment
He's a working man now 
in California!

Our morning walks can
be pretty scary!

Joined Book of the Month
and I love it!!


Decorating for fall
even though it's 85 here.

My neighbor in California
found this tray for me.
I love it!
L'hotel duMont

Poor quality iphone photo but this
is her favorite spot.

I'm flying to Boston
on Thursday!
Parents weekend at 
Northeastern and I can't 

It's great to be back

Monday, October 1, 2018

Friday, February 24, 2017

Summer and birthdays

Finally posting last summer..
it's almost next summer!

We had another 
awesome summer on
the Vineyard!

My sister Jen and my niece..
we love spending time with them!

(back in Paris)
Griff turned 7!!!

(on the Vineyard)
Hannah turned 18!!

(also on the Vineyard)
Will turned 14!

Some cousins missing..
already looking forward
to another fun summer with

Thursday, February 23, 2017

The French Riviera

After graduation we flew to 
the South of France! 
Our last trip while living in

We rented a house in
Saint Raphael.

Not a bad place to
call home for a week 
while we toured the 
French Riviera!

It was a great week of relaxing by
the pool and 
traveling up and down the coast.

Saint Tropez harbor..
mega yachts and 
mega shopping!

Colorful alley's strung with 
flags and shutters..

and cute little boys in 
french stripes!

Hannah wasn't with us this trip.
She wanted to stay back in Paris
and spend her last week with her
We missed her!

A great day
in St. Tropez!

Another day was spent
driving up to Monaco and 
Monte Carlo!

On the drive home
we made quick stops in
Cap d'ail,
Saint-Jean Cap Ferrat,

And then a day in 

It was a great way to 
spend our last week
in France!

I still miss it 
every day!