Friday, April 29, 2011

Tea and Crumpets and Fairy Tale Weddings

Hannah and I got up at 4:00 this morning.
Never would I get up that early for a sale.
Or to be first in line for the latest gadget.
But to watch the Royal Wedding Live...
I'm so up.
We had tea and crumpets.
Will wanted to wake up and watch also..
but he wouldn't budge at that time.
Love DVR.

And I loved her dress.
And Pippa's dress.
I love the name Pippa don't you?

I'll be talking in my best British accent all day today.
And driving my kids nuts I'm sure.

I hope they live happily ever after...


Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I love to travel.
I don't love to fly.
No one in my family wants to sit next to me on the plane.
I cry.
Sometimes hysterically.
Sometimes the flight attendant asks if I'm ok.
Pathetic I know.
we're home.
We flew all day Easter Sunday.
And the Easter Bunny was not organized enough to think ahead and maybe hide eggs.
Or even have an Easter basket for the kids.
So my wonderful husband went out at 8:00 Sunday night.
He bought, prepared and cleaned up Easter dinner that we all ate at 9:30.
He bought the kids candy and an Easter cake.
He's the best.
I was an emotional wreck. 
But I'm home.
I love to travel.
But I love to come home.

We did have an amazing time in California.

Arriving in LA.

Santa Monica Pier

Hannah loved shopping Rodeo Drive

Will loved seeing the Hollywood sign.

This was my favorite part of the trip. Driving up to Santa Barbara to visit the Tracy Porter store!! This is Hannah with Tracy's sister Robyn. Robyn was so sweet! The store was over the top amazing...everything I'd imagined and more. 

I was so excited to be photos came out terrible! I'm trying on some of her fashions in the way cool dressing rooms. 

I love everything about this. 

We found a great park to walk around in Santa Barbara.

Watched this during our drive back to Santa Monica.

Pool in Coronado

We all loved the San Diego Zoo

Griffy's favorite was the elephants.

We ate really well. This is Casa Guadalahara in Old Town San Diego. Griffin loved the Mariachi band.

We rented..and almost crashed..our 6 person bike. 

We loved California.

Easter Dinner late Sunday night all thanks to my husband.
Thanks Steve for all that you do.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Knitting, Kids Art and The Other Coast

I've started a new knitting project. I had to put the other one down..I just wasn't into it. And it was hard! My friend Jamie gave me this pattern and I'm really excited about it. It's a summer wrap and will be perfect for the beach this summer. I have another friend who has been helping me with my knitting...and I'm thankful she's patient. I went to her house this morning, with Griffy, and she got me started on this. She has two new kittens..that I'm deathly allergic to..and Griffy kept throwing golf balls at them.  The whole time I was there I kept thinking to myself..Is this worth it? Should I put this down until Griffy is older and I have more time? And then I thought..NO! Besides reading...and blogging..which I've cut way back on..I don't do much for myself...and this is something that I've always wanted to learn...Geesh.

I love all the handmade things the kids bring home from school. I've run out of jewelry and cotton balls and Qtips that most of them hold so now we just put them out on a shelf for all to see. 

Headed to the other coast. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I missed the 10 on here's 12 photo's for 12 hours on the 12th...I think it will be fun to look back someday and see a day in my life. 

6:30...the calm before the storm. 

7:20...packing lunches. Wake up Will! is quiet again. Back in bed with Griffy to read and snuggle.

9:15...haven't been sick all winter. Not even a sniffle. 3 days before we go away I get the flu. 
Figures. new obsession. Tracking Steve's flights.  I can't sleep until I know he's landed safely. 

11:30...home. After a long week in Dubai. Actually it was ME who had the long week. Don't feel bad for him. We're so happy he's home. 

12:30....naps all around.

1:30...loving my new camera bag from Jo's Totes.

2:15...peas and pasta for Griffy's lunch. 

3:30...outside on the playground. 

4:30...takes me all week to read the Sunday paper.

5:00...pray it doesn't rain. 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Warm Weekending

Sunny and 60's
Pizza..not Steves :(
Getting out the Spring Clothes
Kindles for Kids
Red Sox
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Knitting (or trying to)
Reading Guernsey Literary (finally Dawn!)
Sidewalk Chalk
Photography Frustration...
think it's time for a course. 

Friday, April 8, 2011

Last Weekending...finally

Chocolate pudding with a fork. 
Baseball parties
Girls weekend on the Cape
More painting
Visit with old friends

It was so great seeing you guys! Hannah and I miss our girlfriends! Please come down to the beach soon.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Save the Magazines!, Wallpaper and Closet Doors

I was so bummed out when I read last night that Mothering magazine is no longer in circulation. I've been reading it for least 13. I have kept many of my old issues and love having them by my bed. I've written before of my addiction to magazines..and now so many of them are no longer. Do we really want to live in a world with no paper? Is it just a matter of time before we read everything on the computer/phone/ipad? Will our grandchildren look at newspapers and magazines and laugh..just like we do now when we think about having to actually get up out of our seat to change the television channel? I need my books and magazines! Anyway, I'll miss Mothering. 

(image from Anthropologie)

See that wallpaper? The GIANT flowers! I've been thinking about papering one wall in my family room in this...

I think it would be fun! Very soon the big honkin tv and all the video games that go with it will be heading south to the basement. Hallelujah! Eventually we'll get a smaller tv for the family room but I'd kinda like to see how long we can go with out it. 

So in every house we've lived in..and there's been many..we've ripped the doors off all the closets. I'm not sure when this obsession started but it's continued in this house. This is my laundry room/powder room.  The doors were those stupid accordian doors and I can't stand those. What were builders thinking in the 80's. 

Hannah's closet. I guess I should have propped Kit up to a little more lady like position. 

 And then of course there's my pantry. I think those were the first doors to come down. 

And here is our mudroom closet that needs to be painted. I also need more hooks and storage.  

I wonder if I'm the only weirdo that takes the doors off their closets?